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Strap in kids, this is a BIG ONE!  The busy Fall season brings an enormous array of possibility from throughout the scene. So much that we’ve compiled a special rundown for the coming weeks.   

Please check it out!  

But first, a few important notes for The Metro Underground

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Photo Galleries: we’re getting caught up!  Pics – yes, we hear you & offer our deepest apologies! Life issues first got us behind on posting galleries. We even got caught up, but our computer crashed w/ files that were not backed up (actually, our back up was corrupted – we usually do a triple back-up had not yet done so). Consequently, we had to start rebuilding multiple galleries from scratch - an arduous process. And yes, I almost cried. But we’re back on it & finally getting caught up!

The Metro Underground:  moving in a new direction - For over a decade The Metro Underground has carried TWO core principles: First, to serve as a primary gateway to the 'Full' spectrum of the alternative, adult, & underground scene (for DC, Baltimore, & the Mid-Atlantic region). But ALSO to serve as a forum for bridges to be built from one culture to another & from one group to the next. Until now, we’ve focused on the first. It’s time to change the dialogue & focus more on the second.
Our nation has been bathed in a rhetoric of division & hate for several years now. Indeed, we're seeing the saturation of this in almost every circle & the scene is no exception. More & more the fabric of that which once brought us together is now tearing us apart. Perhaps we can’t change the tide for everyone out there, but we CAN change the conversation w/in ourselves. We can choose to find love & community w/in the circles we engage, & we can create a sense of love & light for all of those around.
  • This year The DC Fetish Ball is dedicated to “Tough Love” - It’s easy to tear something down & fill your heart w/ hate or vengeance for the world around you. To choose love is a much more difficult path. But it’s possible, & only YOU can change the dialogue. So for yourself, for the sake of the scene, & indeed for the world in which we live - do not bow to the message of hate & division that surrounds us. Rather, carry love in your heart & let it shine to all of those around you. Only then will we find the path for a new & better tomorrow.
  • DC eXotica & The Metro Spring Formal are no more – never say never, but as it stands we will no longer be hosting The Metro Spring Formal or DC eXotica. We’re sorry for the abrupt shift. But if you missed the last one, well you missed the last one. As stated, we’re moving in a new direction & the nature of our efforts will reflect this. For now, we plan to keep The DC Fetish Ball & Underground Parties alive, but we’ve decided to shut down DC eXotica & the Spring Formal.
  • We’re possibly working on The Fashion Fantasy Expose – one new event we’re looking into will be the Fashion Fantasy Expose. Focused on great music, top talent, fashion, & a night of high energy opulence, we’ll still offer an awesome affair that you’ve come to expect from The Metro Underground, but we’ll be moving our efforts in a more mainstream direction. So there will be no more play-space, fetish elements, or overt adult themes (the only aspect we may keep is Shibari).
  • More to come so please stay tuned!

Select Events for the coming weeks (please note a number of recurring events have shifted their standard timeslot to accommodate Halloween):  But this is just a VERY small sample of what’s going on! Please see Metro Calendars for these & other great events from around the scene:
  • The DC Fetish Ball (Sun Oct 7th - Columbus Day Weekend): bringing together some of the scene's very best DJ's, models, fashion, & nationally recognized talent - all accented w/ an incredible play space in one of the city's most lavish venues. Are YOU ready for the ball?
  • 80’s Night 25th Anniv (Sat Oct 6th): hosted by The Angel at the Black Cat DC.
  • The Vortex Zombie Ball (Sat Oct 13th): presented by Mighty Mike Saga at Voltage Lounge Philly.
  • Tabu Hallow-Swing! (Sat Oct 13th): one of Tabu’s biggest & best parties!
  • Sinnergy Haunted Halloween (Sat Oct 20th): one of the region’s most lavish affairs for the Lifestyle Community.
  • Anime USA (Oct 19th-20th): DC Anime convention at the Wardman Park Marriott.
  • Sunset & Chill (Sat Oct 20th): local night of great music & fire performances.
  • Renne-Faire (Oct 20th): Final weekend for the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
  • Drac’s Ball (Wed Oct 31st): Philly’s longest standing goth night returns to the Trocadero.
  • PEX Halloween Ball (Fri Nov 3rd): The Battleship Ball is one of the area’s most incredible events. Hosted on the USS New Jersey in Philadelphia.
  • Crucible Fantasy Fashion Show (Nov 17th): Special crossdressing fashion academy at The Crucible DC.
  • Diabolique Philly (Nov): Philly’s premier Fetish Ball! Coming in Novemeber.  
  • Again, these are just a few of what The Metro has to offer! Please see our main calendars for links, events, & more.   

Halloween Haunted Attractions:  See our Featured Events for links to the area’s top haunted attractions for DC, Baltimore, Philly, & Richmond! See:

News & Notes from around the scene:
  • DC 80’s Night celebrates 25 Years (!) – DC’s longest running dance night will celebrate its silver anniversary at the Black Cat (Sat Oct 6th)! Hosted by The Angel & still going strong after 2-1/2 decades, this is an incredible accomplishment for any endeavor. But it’s almost unheard of in event production! We salute awesomeness as DC 80’s night moves forward in the coming years.
  • Nightmare Festival moves to 4 Quarters Farm – After last year’s shake up at Dreamscape, the June festival was abandoned & apparently further relations between Badass Raves & Ramblewood were severed. Moving over to 4 Quarters Farm (home to BigDub, their largest festival of the year), Nightmare will persevere & move forward. Representing one of the area’s largest festivals for fall, it offers a rave format music festival while celebrating the true spirit of Halloween. For more info see News Links.
  • Baltimore Beyond is Back (!) – Serving as a gateway group for the kink & BDSM scene, one of Baltimore’s most beloved happy hours is back in action! Representing an awesome group in a welcoming environment, they now meet each month at [venue] for one of the area’s best social gatherings. If you’re in the Baltimore area, then be sure to check them out! See Fetlife Group for further updates.
  • Abberant DC is in Flux – Fairly new to the scene, Abberant initially was created as a true TNG organization specific to the under-30 crowd for the local kink scene. Low numbers soon led them to a conversion of all ages. Hosting happy hours in NW DC & a mid-week play night at The Crucible, there was recently a shake up as one of their core directors was called out on multiple consent violations. With backing from its leadership, they since gone on hiatus pending decisions for possible adjustments. A recent town hall was held to determine the viability of a new & better direction, but a new course is uncertain. You can follow further developments through News Links.  
·       TABU Launches TABU Travel – Baltimore’s most recognized & only ‘on-premise’ club for the Swinger Lifestyle has now launched a new initiative w/ Tabu Travel. Hosting annual trips to such destinations as Hedonism & more, this creates a new dimension for the social circles of the area. Please check it out: Tabu Travel.
  • Baltimore Eagle is Restructuring – After its recent closing by previous ownership (see announcement on News & Notes), new ownership has seen the opportunity such a venue carries & has not only stepped in to take over the old space but has purchased the adjacent buildings to expand operations. They are currently renovating the entire site & are planning a grand re-launch soon.
  • DC MixTape bids farewell w/ their 10th Anniversary – With one of the core promoters now having moved to India, one of DC’s most eclectic & beloved dance nights for the LGBYQ community has offered a heartfelt farewell. Having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, they also made this a sendoff good bye. We wish them well in the next phase of life & thank them for 10 years of memorable achievement.
This was a big one! Stay in the loop & up to date w/ The Metro Underground for all that the underground scene has to offer.  Thanks for reading!

Richard A.D.

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