Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Few Notes for the Fall Festival Season (2014):

No doubt, FALL is my favorite season! From pumpkin spice lattes to Oktoberfest beer, the turning of the trees, great fashion, spooky decorations, & an endless array of fun things to choose from, energy fills the air & it's a great time of year.

So helping to keep you I the loop, our autumn updates for The Metro Underground are now complete (we will do one final brush up for Halloween).

Please see http://www.TheMetroUnderground.com as well as links below for what's happening from around the scene.

In the meantime, we're only a few short weeks from one of DC's most lavish & anticipated events: The DC Fetish Ball & DC Fetish Weekend…

Please join us October 10th-12th (Columbus Day Weekend) for a time of unforgettable beauty, intrigue, & sheer possibility. Bringing together some of the scene's very best DJ's, Models, Fashion, & Nationally Recognized Talent - all accented w/ an incredible play space in some of the city's most lavish venues, the DC Fetish Weekend promises to bring a level of twisted delight worthy of the Nation's Capitol! 

Friday (10/10):  Exotic-Erotic Pre-Party at Mad MoMo's.
·         Mad MoMos (3605 14th St. NW DC): offering an intimate setting with beautiful atmosphere, we've arranged a great night to kick off the weekend in style.
·         Dinner Seating runs from 6:30pm-9pm. Main Party runs 9pm-3am. Kitchen runs late. 
·          Please note: this event IS a full blown play party, but due to size restrictions we DO expect it to Sell Out.

Saturday Afternoon (10/11):  Afternoon Vending.
Saturday Night (10/12):  One Great Night - Two Great Parties.
·         In the spirit of The Metro Underground, we've joined forces w/ two of the area's most recognized clubs to bring a level of top notch play & possibility. See links for info.
·         But save your energy! You'll need it for one of DC's most lavish & anticipated nights.

Sunday (10/12):  The Metro Underground Presents the DC Fetish Ball …
·         The weekend culminates in the opulence & decadence of the DC Fetish Ball.
·         DC's most Scandalous Affair! Hosted at the beautiful & spacious Ultra Bar (911 F St. NW DC): offering 3 full floors of exotic possibility.

For Tickets, Talent, Links, Models, & More => See:  http://DCFetishBall.com
Join the Facebook Fetish Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/131545809506

Event Page on Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/events/282745


Plans are also being laid for the Black & White Ball in November:  driving off our success of the past 2 years, the annual Black & White Ball has gained ground. We're currently laying plans for one of the scene's favorite parties to kick off the December Holidaze. So keep an eye out!

For this & other coming events, be sure to check Metro Events at http://www.themetrounderground.com/Events.html


Photos from 2013 are FINALLY being posted! 

What can I say, last year brought chaos of biblical proportion. Posting pics were pushed off as a result. But we'll finally have them up w/in the next couple of days (if they're not already up by the time you read this). 

Links to galleries will be posted on the Metro Pages for Facebook, Fetlife, on the Events Page for our main site & the pics page for the DC Fetish Ball. They will also be posted to my scene profile for Facebook & Fetlife. See links:

Thank you for your patience. My apologies for the delay.


I'd like to offer our congratulations & heartfelt condolences to a couple scene favorites.

First, the good news => this Saturday, D~X~S Rapture will celebrate their 7th anniversary in the scene! Offering monthly play parties, the new Rapture Social, as well as vending at area festivals & events, they've been a mainstay for quite some time. And with all the changes that have taken place over the past few years it's no small accomplishment to still be going so strong. We offer them our most sincere congratulations.

In other news, I'd like to take a moment & offer my deepest condolences to The Pleasure Garden Club in Philadelphia. I understand its owner & founding member has recently passed away. Without question, he created a force w/in the Philadelphia underground & alternative culture. Although I was never given the opportunity to know him personally, my thoughts & best wishes go out to all those who are affected by his loss.


And finally, a few featured events for the Fall Season:  

- The Maryland Renne-Faire runs each weekend from now until Oct. 19th.

- Risque (Fri 26th): kink oriented play party meets alternative dance night, Risque hosts one of the best nights for the underground adult subculture. Come this Friday for a chance to win 2 free tickets to this year's fetish ball.
- The Golden Tether (Fri 26th):  Studio 58 in Frederick hosts a renne-faire kink event in honor of the Fall Equinox.

- DXS Rapture (Sat 27th): Celebrating 7 years in the scene w/ a special play party BBQ.
- Synn-Ergy (Sat 27th): hosts a special swingers meet & greet at the Gryphon in DC.

- DC Tribal Cafe (Sun 28th): One of DC's best nights for Belly Dance.

- Anime USA (Oct 3rd-5th): One of the nation's largest & most recognized anime conventions takes place in DC the first weekend in October.

- Fetish Weekend Exotic-Erotic Pre Party (Oct.10th): Hosted at Mad Momos.

- Crucible's LF&P (Oct.11th): Fetish Market & Play Party hosted by The Crucible.
- Tabu HallowSwing (Oct.11th):  One of their best parties for the Baltimore Swing culture.

- The DC Fetish Ball (Oct.12th):  DC's Most Scandalous Affair!  See links!

But these are just a couple ideas for everything going on! For a full rundown of what's happening from across the scene, be sure to check out The Metro Underground….

Please visit our main site @ http://www.TheMetroUnderground.com

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One last bit of important news. It appears the spam bots have found me, so please note that my email has changed. Please see "About Us" on our Main Page for updated information. 

We hope see you around the scene!

Rick D~

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