Monday, September 26, 2016

Important News & Coming Dates (Fall 2016)…

Important News & Coming Dates from The Metro Underground

First & Foremost, coming Sunday, Oct. 9th (Columbus Day Weekend): Richard A.D. & The Metro Underground present The 9th Annual DC Fetish Ball!  

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HUGE changes are coming to => Due to required upgrades, we're currently in the process of rebuilding our entire site (& I can't begin to express what a pain this is). So by year's end we will have completed a full overhaul of the structure, design, & all core elements. But aside from a new look & feel, once done we'll also be more mobile friendly & aligned to tech-platforms across the spectrum. So please bear with us as our general maintenance may lag behind a bit while we make way for the new build-out.  

In the meantime, our main site IS up & fully functional:

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DC's Greatest New Night => Last year we hosted The Fourth & Final Black & White Ball.  It's been a great event, but the timing was such that it came at the height of my busy season. Changes were needed, so we had to let this one go. However, from its ashes one of DC's greatest new traditions will soon rise to take its place…

Coming this January over MLK Weekend, The Metro Underground will present DC eXotica! Hosted at UltraBar, it's our intention to include all core elements of the Fetish Ball except the fashion show. But fear not! We'll be replacing fashion with some incredible demos & stage performance to carry throughout the night. So please stay tuned - details are coming soon! 


Underground Parties => The Metro Underground / Metro Events are known for some of the region's most anticipated & respected affairs. We now offer a new dimension through Underground Parties as well. These are sex-positive, kink & swinger friendly, dance worthy, full blown private affairs where anything goes & it usually does.

Our next U-Party is set for Saturday, Oct. 22nd. In honor of the 40th Anniversary for the Maryland Renne-Fair, we'll be doing a Return to Renaissance / Halloween Crossover.  Please note that unlike Metro Events, U-Parties are handled almost exclusively through Evite. So please RSVP to Richard A.D. for vetting & further info.

With this in mind, the Fetish Ball might be a good time meet me & get on the list.


Metro News => Over the last year or so, it seems the scene has witnessed a fairly major shake up. To keep up with core bullet points & news from around the area, please keep an eye on News & Notes:


An Important Note – The DC Fetish Ball will no longer be doing the full fetish weekend! Rather, we will focus strictly on the main ball for one incredible night. We recommend checking The Metro Underground for available options.

However, for Saturday, we recommend The Crucible's LF&P –an afternoon affair offering some great vending for scene friendly items. Unfortunately, this year it will be hosted in Baltimore but this will give you a change to explore the full flavor of the region.  

With regard to The Crucible, there have been a couple developments as of late…

For quite some time The Crucible (DC's main fetish venue for a number of years) has been locked in eternal bureaucratic gridlock as it settled in to a new location. A couple months ago the city finally dropped the zoning restrictions that allowed them to proceed.  

This was a huge milestone to get them back up & running. Currently, efforts have been under way to move forward with interior construction. The permits are in place & things are moving along. However, they still need funding to install a commercial sprinkler system which will bring the new space up to code. This is the final major hurdle before DC can have its main play space back. With this intention, crowd-sourcing has been initiated & investors are being sought.

Please see:


While we're on the subject, the Crucible may be structurally in transition but the group remains active. Ongoing parties, events, & cruises have been hosted at various locations throughout the area - including their flagship affair Camp Crucible... 

For a change of pace, this past summer we took a trip to camp. I must say, it caught me off guard. It was different, but in a good way. As it is an often overlooked camp for so many in the fetish culture, I'd like to offer a quick review for those who have never been.

Hosted at Ramblewood in Darlington, MD, it's held for 9 days over 2 sessions on the crux of Memorial Day Weekend. Overall, I found it was a noticeable change of pace.

For the full article, see:

[Metro Reviews you say?  Some time ago we were publishing active & unbiased reviews from our travels throughout the scene. Basically, we wanted people to know what they were missing. We kind of pulled away from that, but I think we'll be reinstalling this element under News & Notes (on our main site). So please check back, we'll do our best to keep you up to date]  

Thanks for reading!

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